The latest news from the EU Graduates Fund

Reflections from the EU’s Class of 2022

As students are finalising degrees at Sydney University, many Christian students are also finishing up their time with the EU. We chatted to graduating students about what they have learnt through the EU... more

What I learnt during my time as a Howie: Issy, Meagan & Ira

Isabelle Palmer How have you grown during your time as a Howie? I have learned many new and different methods of doing ministry during my time as a Howie from Disciple-Making Movement principles... more

EU in the Sydney gospel eco-system

Praise God for new growth At our October Supporters’ Month ‘Back To Campus Brunch’ I shared the story of Philip, a student from China. Philip started at Sydney Uni in July this year. He came to... more

How students are finding hope again

Weeks 4-5 of semester 2 have seen the EU run a heightened season of evangelism on campus, with a mission focussed around the theme of 'Finding Hope Again'. Each faculty was tasked with running its own... more

Raising Up Missionaries from Sydney University

Like so many, it was while studying that James Fraser was made aware of the nature, needs, and challenge of Christian service abroad by a pamphlet which ‘struck at the very roots of his assumptions.’... more

AnCon in the flesh: Student Reflections

We are so thankful to God for blessing us with an in-person Annual Conference after 2 years without one. Praise God, we had 520 students attend and multiple who gave their lives to Jesus! Thank you to all... more

What is happening at AnCon this year?

The booklets have been printed. Rapid Antigen Tests are being procured. The students have registered. The speakers are ready. The rain might even hold off for next week… Okay – Lord willing, here... more

How you can pray for international students

Once again euFOCUS has been welcoming new students from all over the world this year! Our FOCUS team are very delighted to have international students around the campus this year. This is extremely... more