About Us

The EU Graduates Fund is all about flooding God’s church with Christian leaders.

We believe that university ministry in Sydney presents a unique opportunity to call, train, and send into the global church leaders who have their head, heart, and hands radically transformed by the knowledge and the love of Christ.


That’s why our vision is:


To flood God’s church
in Sydney, Australia, and beyond
with lay and vocational Christian leaders
who are Biblically and theologically mature,
servant hearted,
and innovative ministry strategists.


We strive to do this under God by employing staff to support, train, and partner with students in the Sydney University Evangelical Union.

Our work

The Sydney University Evangelical Union (EU) is a group of 900 students who seek to proclaim that Jesus is Lord to the University.

Staff in the EU Graduates Fund serve as pastors, teachers and trainers with students in the EU. They share the gospel of Jesus in public gatherings, in small group Bible studies and through personal discipleship. Staff invest time in training, equipping, and supporting EU students to read, teach, and share the message of the Lord Jesus from the Bible with others.

The Howard Guinness Project (HGP) is a premier two-year ministry apprenticeship designed to train staff in key skills for a life-time of ministry and Christian leadership. ‘Howies’ gain real ministry experience working alongside students while receiving ongoing training from senior staff in theology and practical ministry skills.

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