About Us

The EU Graduates Fund is all about flooding God’s church with Christian leaders.

A colossal gospel mission

“How will we reach the world with the life-giving news about our Lord Jesus Christ?”

It is a colossal mission! No single ministry is the answer. We need local churches across the globe that are full of mature, zealous and servant-hearted Christians.

Our prayer is that we might send thousands of young leaders out into God’s global church to lovingly serve in, and creatively build, Christ-focused ministries for the coming decades. EU graduates serve as bible study leaders, youth leaders, pastors, missionaries, chaplains, lay preachers, coordinators, and I could go on!

Under God, the years these people spent as students in the EU helped set a trajectory for them of mature and sacrificial Christian service. As EU GradsFund staff sowed and watered the Word in their lives, God deepened their roots in the biblical gospel and fired their commitment to serve him with the gifts he had entrusted to them – and we are still seeing the fruit years down the track.

Your prayers and financial generosity will enable us, together, to raise up future generations of Christian leaders from the EU ministry at Sydney University to serve in his global kingdom, and all to his glory.

Rowan Kemp

CEO, EU Graduates Fund

Flood | A rich history

The EU Graduates Fund was established by the students of the Sydney University Evangelical Union in 1991 to strengthen their ministry on campus and help fulfil their long-standing, bible-based vision for God’s world.

During the early 1900s, a young evangelist – Howard Guinness – was sent from England to encourage Christian students to have a gospel-shaped vision of their lives and the world. At Sydney University, Howard Guinness challenged the members of the Sydney University Bible League to come out of their cloistered clocktower fellowship. He taught and encouraged them to engage the campus with the message that Jesus is Lord.

In 1930, the Sydney University Evangelical Union was formed. A founding group of the movement that has become the Australia Fellowship of Evangelical Students, and a union that has nurtured the faith of thousands through Sydney University.

The blessing of the EU, has always poured out from Sydney University to local churches, workplaces and communities all over Sydney. But our vision reaches beyond Sydney, to serving Australia and the whole world in Jesus’ name.

Bishop Robert Forsyth, Chairman of EU GradsFund

EU students and graduates flood into God’s world…

By Proclaiming Jesus as Lord to the students & academics at Sydney University & serving the campus in Jesus’ name.

By flowing out as servant-hearted lay & vocational leaders into churches, communities, and workplaces around Sydney & Australia. Integrating their faith, lives and work in light of Jesus’ gospel.

By being challenged and equipped to serve individuals and communities that are less reached & less resourced with the gospel around Australia & beyond.

By sending local and international graduates and academics beyond Australia, to serve Jesus and God’s world in all possible ways.

A history of gospel partnership

The students of the EU have always been strengthened and enabled by the enthusiastic partnership of Christians, churches and ministry leaders across our city and globe.

We heartily invite you to be part of this joyful gospel partnership. By supporting the EU Staffworkers through your prayers and generosity, you are investing in the spiritual formation and training of the next generation of servant-hearted Christian leaders. A generation envisioned, equipped and readied to love, serve and innovate in the years ahead.

Join our joyful gospel partnership