The latest news from the EU Graduates Fund

Has God Ghosted Us?

Brian Leung reflects on Easter evangelistic efforts in the EU The first half of Semester 1 has been marked by joy and energy, but also significant challenges. On the one hand, we have had the joy of... more

Training for a Lifetime: tracing the EU Gradsfund vision through three generations

As a second-year Howie, this is my seventh year on the campus of Sydney University, and my seventh involved with the EU. When I started at USYD, getting involved with the EU felt like an exciting ‘rite... more

Why FOMO Means Go

Three days before I graduated university I accepted a job 300 kilometres from home in a place I had never been to, where I knew no one. Without knowing anything about much at all, I went to live... more

Innovations in EU Ministries for 2023

Rowan's Welcome According to a survey we conducted at EU’s Annual Conference last year, a third of EU students spend 2 hours or less per week involved in EU activities. This is lower than the... more

Welcome Week and Launching into 2023!

Each year, the Evangelical Union awakes from its summer slumber to welcome a flood of new and returning students back onto campus. Part of this looks like three days of “Welcome Week” activities... more

Reflections from the EU’s Class of 2022

As students are finalising degrees at Sydney University, many Christian students are also finishing up their time with the EU. We chatted to graduating students about what they have learnt through the EU... more

What I learnt during my time as a Howie: Issy, Meagan & Ira

Isabelle Palmer How have you grown during your time as a Howie? I have learned many new and different methods of doing ministry during my time as a Howie from Disciple-Making Movement principles... more

EU in the Sydney gospel eco-system

Praise God for new growth At our October Supporters’ Month ‘Back To Campus Brunch’ I shared the story of Philip, a student from China. Philip started at Sydney Uni in July this year. He came to... more