What’s in a Leader?

by Sarah Chilton

Imagine you are desperately after a youth group leader, a small group leader or someone to lead the Sunday service. With so many needs, you’re tempted to take anyone. But what should you be looking for in a Christian leader?

1. Godly character. Godly character is foundational to Christian leadership. Of all the attributes that Paul lists in 1 Timothy 3, the central concern is character (except being “able to teach”). What’s the character of your potential leader? Does their way of life provide a godly example to others? Do their speech, actions, love for others point towards Christ? Do you hope for those under their leadership to imitate them?

2. Eager to serve. It is a wonderful privilege to lead God’s people. Does this person take leadership opportunities seriously? Are they passionate about people growing in their love, knowledge and service of God?

3. Biblically and theologically mature. God grows his people through his Word. How do we expect God’s people to grow in his Word if it has little transforming role in the lives of our leaders? Does this person overflow with the knowledge of God through his Word?

4. Humble and teachable. We never “graduate” from growing as a Christian in the community of the saved. Does this person seek to continue to grow in their walk with Christ and sit under God’s word with a meekness and true desire to know Him more? Are they eager to learn and ready to receive correction?

Don’t just fill a role. Seek Christian leaders. The EU Graduates Fund is passionate about growing and sending out such leaders to flood God’s church. Pray with us that God would raise up many generations of leaders through the EU with the character, passions and convictions of Christ.

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