What the EU means to me: Reflections from graduating students

by EU GradsFund

Anthony’s story

When I came to uni, I was excited for a fresh start but knew few other Christians. I will never forget arriving at Launch Day in 2018 and being so warmly welcomed by the hundreds of other Christians at my new uni. I felt like I’d come home.

Over my four years at uni, I’ve been blown away by the goodness of God’s word, brought to life over many Public Meetings and Bible Studies, as well as the very excellent Teaching the Bible Equip course. And I’ve seen how countless brothers and sisters in Christ have lived out his word, relied on it, planted themselves in it, and thrown themselves into his service because of it. I am so grateful for the gift of the EU at Sydney Uni.

Sophie’s story

It has been wonderful to be involved in the EU community while I have been at university. I have loved meeting with other Christians on a regular basis, to serve together, read the Bible together, plan together, and just generally share life together. I am really thankful for the great training courses I have been able to attend, where staff members have helped me to think through how to teach the Bible to others, how to speak about my faith, and more recently, to think about what it means to leave uni and work well in God’s world. In particular, I have benefited from regular training in my role as a small group leader, both in my thoughtfulness in planning and confidence in leading.

My involvement with the EU over the last 5 years has shaped the way I think about long-term Christian service (at church, at work, or anywhere else), and I am thankful for the chance to spend so much time reflecting on this while I have been at uni.

My involvement with the EU over the last 5 years has shaped the way I think about long-term Christian service (at church, at work, or anywhere else).

Nathan’s story

As with the majority of EUers, my time at Sydney University has taken place during a significant formative period in my life. Admittedly, in my first year of Uni I had no association with the EU and would only spend time on campus for classes. By my second year in 2017 I had been connected in to the EU and looking back now I am thankful for the last five years I have had in fellowship with the EU. Across the course of my Education degree I have been greatly encouraged by other Euers within my faculty and have been able to form many good friendships as a result. The weekly small groups and Public Meetings have been of great significance to my understanding of the Bible and my faith has also been strengthened greatly by faithful Bible teaching.

The EU has also afforded me with the opportunity to grow in my leadership capabilities. In my two years as faculty leader, I was fortunate to get to know and lead numerous Secondary Education students. To see many of them grow in their faith, knowledge, and maturity has been a great joy. More recently, in my time as male Vice-President in 2021 I have been greatly encouraged by my fellow executive members and their servant-heartedness not only for each other, but for the EU as a whole. The partnership we have shared with the EU Staff has also been a tremendous joy to be a part of.

As a keen historian, I have spent a good amount of time looking into the history of the EU and the people who have ensured that the gospel of Christ has continued to be shared on campus for over 90 years now. I hope that in my time here I have been able to play a small part in continuing that tradition.

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