Understanding God’s Providence: Reflections on Becoming a Howie

by EU Graduates Fund

Do you struggle with your work and serving God? Are you worried about your financial situation? Or are you confused about whether you should do full-time ministry? Do you still want to know when to step out to serve God as a full-time missionary? Does it feel like there are too many things in the way? That you might have to give up too much?

These were all my struggles before I became a Howie. I know serving God is a great honour and always the right thing to do but I didn’t know how. So when I heard about the opportunity of the Howard Guinness Program, I applied and God led me forwards. God opened the door for me after I prayed and decided to become a Howie. God has taken things I was worried about – like my visa and raising financial support – and showed me that He will work things out together with me.

The first thing I learnt as a Howie is to rely on God not myself. I’m an international student and not confident in English. I thought it would be very hard to raise support because I don’t have many connections in Australian churches. However God has been faithful, and brought me together with people who share the vision, and they’re willing to support me. When I think that it will be too hard for me to serve in English, He surrounds me with many brothers and sisters in my small group to help me. I have come to be reminded that God is powerful and provides.

I have also learnt from my supervisor, Ben, and people in my team. They’re all people who love God, eager to serve Him with their life. The important part is that they’re mature in serving in this ministry. So, in watching how humble and full of love they are, I can learn a lot from their life and how to serve effectively in ministry. They’ve encouraged me a lot during this journey. Again, God has provided wise leaders to help me grow in my ministry and love for God.

I think being a Howie has given me a taste of being a pastor or full-time missionary, equipping me with not only practical experience but also a rich understanding of God’s word.

There have been many challenges in becoming a Howie, but time and time again God has shown His faithfulness to me and His providence.

Jairus – Howie EUFocus

Jairus connecting with Mandarin speaking students during Welcome Week 2020.

Jairus connecting with Mandarin speaking students during Welcome Week 2020.


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