UnCover Mark on Campus

by EU Graduates Fund

“I’ve been waiting for a bible, and hoping some kind Christian would give me one for free.”

His tone had an edge of sarcasm, but after talking with us for an hour about what he had heard about the bible from atheist thinkers, the student seemed genuinely interested in reading the story of Jesus for himself. This year, students have been using UnCover Mark to read the bible with people exploring Jesus. The original hope was for students to feel more comfortable reading Mark’s Gospel with friends if their copy had good questions and an easy-to-read lay out.  Now it is being used by students for this purpose, but we’re praying for many more to take up the offer to read with their friends in this semester. Over 100 students are currently registered for the ‘Changing the World through 121s’ course that will train them further in 121 ministry, that is, reading the bible one-on-one with christians or non-christians. It’s been great to see how students have used UnCover with their friends. Some other examples are a student reading with her non-christian roommate from AnCon, an EU leader who arranged to read with her friend after they told her they had stopped calling themself a christian, and a student who read with a non-christian friend through semester 1, leading them to come to AnCon, where they chose to put their faith in Jesus! Praise God for those who are already reading UnCover with a friend, and those who have come to faith! Pray the students mentioned would come to faith as they go through Jesus’ story with a Christian. Pray for EU students to love doing 121s, and grow in their faith and ability for them.

By Jono Hathway

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