Training for a Lifetime

by Orion Leung

Alex and Prash are part of over 60 students being trained in the “Jesus Centred Conversations” course this semester, learning valuable skills and insights for their relational evangelism. Over 150 students take part in other euFusion training courses, being trained in teaching the Bible, one to one ministry, relating across cultures, and working in God’s world. We pray these courses are equipping them for a lifetime of service.

But this is not the story we always see. While students are often quite capable and available for ministry, few of them seek to be trained. With ever increasing needs, there is a rising temptation to focus on doing in the present rather than improving for the future. Ensuring that those who serve are trained and supported can often take a back seat in our priorities.

Moreover, and more importantly, the Bible speaks of training, not for skills, but in godliness (1 Tim 4:7), not in competencies, but in character. This godliness does not come naturally to us, but rather, we need to be reminded of the grace of God over and over again to train ourselves in it. Biblical “training” is not primarily about skills, nor primarily delivered in training courses.

So what place should training courses have for us in the EU?

Training is ultimately about helping students be thoughtful and intentional about why they do what they do. Formal courses provide frameworks for looking at the things we do naturally, to identify principles that can be transferred to different situations, and to bring theological truths to bear in every circumstance. In this, students grow in godliness as the Bible informs the way that they live and serve.

Each week, as Alex and Prash meet, we pray for our friends who don’t yet know Christ. We chat about life and theology, and we encourage each other. Most of all, we do this to fill each other with the gospel of Jesus over and over again, so that we will overflow with it in conversation. It is this gospel of grace that will equip them to serve and evangelise in godliness for a lifetime. May God send out a flood of evangelists who overflow with this gospel into His world, for His glory!

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