Learning to be a Better Reader

by Alison Zancanaro

In the EU ministry, the bible is central. Meetings, training, and catch-ups all start with the bible and are soaked in the bible. This is because we believe that the bible is God’s word, and is useful for teaching and training. However, not only do we want students to learn from the bible, but to also be equipped to know how to read it well and help others to do likewise, for the rest of their lives.

An example of this is through small group leaders’ training, where students learn about biblical and systematic theology.

“Learning about biblical theology has been really significant, in seeing that an individual passage offers a single glance at themes which are developed through the whole bible story. This training has helped me see the meaning of each passage,” shares Lauren, a 3rd year science student.

Senior bible study leaders are equipped to discern questionable theology and read the bible in context.

“It was really useful in helping me not to jump straight to applications. I now focus more on the context of the passage, for its original audience and significance, before thinking about how that applies to us,” says Alice, a 3rd year Psychology student.

Part of being equipped biblically and theologically is also learning to translate such knowledge in a way that is helpful for people at different stages of understanding. Last semester, Ben and Claire (senior leaders in science) were challenged to adapt their bible studies with a non-Christian attending the group.

“One study was particularly tricky because it seemed only relevant to Christians. It challenged us to rework our study questions, to prevent alienating non-Christians but also to encourage them to think critically of the claims we made from the bible,” shares Ben.

We hope and pray that God will continue to use his Word to build EU students up in maturity.

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