Through the Changing Seasons

by Lillian Wright

As the days grow crisper, the streets of Sydney are decorated with brilliant shades of orange, red and yellow with touches of green. This array of leaf colours is similar to the variety of seasons that passed through this semester in the Evangelical Union.

Orange, the most distinct signifier of seasonal change, reflects the changes in the students. For Molly, a first year dentistry student, this change is an increased knowledge of God’s word through the EU Public Meeting talks on Genesis. For others, it is a deepened understanding of Jesus’s sovereignty and goodness through small group bible studies. For students like Alyssa (a fourth year science student), it is a shift in their vision about their future and where they might serve Jesus beyond university.

The shades of red represent the fire of trials. This semester has held significant difficulties for the Evangelical Union, in the form of non-functioning slushie machines, rained out barbeques and opposition to the EU Constitution. On a more personal level, students have walked through high academic pressures, relational loss, struggling through big questions about God and how to live for Him.

The yellow resembles the honey balm of God’s love, as shown through His people. While discussing the process of timetabling with a first year science student, a look of horror crosses her face as she realises, “We are going to have to change small groups next semester!”. For many students, the EU and the friendships developed through small groups, forms their university ‘family’ as they come into contact with God’s love.

Amongst all the bright colours comes hints of green, the herald of new life. Over the last semester, seven students became Christians. By God’s grace, they have chosen to know and follow Jesus. Watered in God’s Word, these new shoots show how God is graciously renewing and adding new branches to His people.

As we reflect over the various moments over semester, individually, these colours can be encouraging, overwhelming, saddening or awe-inspiring. Yet, when taken altogether, they form a beautiful palette, revealing how our good God is maturing, changing and shaping His people at Sydney Uni.

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