The Value of Walk Up Evangelism

by Anna Beaver

But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect. 1 Peter 3:15

EU Street is for anyone in the EU who is keen to gather together and pray for each other and then go out to do evangelism on campus together. This usually takes the form of walking up to people they don’t know and asking if they wouldn’t mind sharing their thought on who they think Jesus is. Why is this valuable? Many students respond that they were surprised that most people they asked, were willing to have a conversation. Students are encouraged to share stories to encourage others and allow people to pray. These are a few stories told by students for our prayer and encouragement:

Emma:  “Vihash and I were doing walk up in the International Student Lounge  and met and international students called Luna and Eve . We chatted to Luna about what she thought about religion and God. We were able to explain in quite basic terms what our faith. We were able to invite them to  EuFocus come home dinner and they came and heard from the book of Hebrews and had great questions. By the end of the night Eve downloaded the bible app and found the Chinese version. They are hoping to join one of the EUFocus explore groups and were keen to meet up with Steph and I for coffee.”

Rory: “ I chatted to a lecturer called Tim who is very relativist. I got to engage with him using some materials from ESummit the day before. I met him about a year ago and didn’t know much philosophy, but now I could ask better questions and show him that truth exists.”

Annie: “Tom and I met Keegan during walk up and was surprised by his willingness to engage with Christianity. He is interested in what Christianity offers, Tom invited him to give up just one hour of his time to explore Christ while at university,  to which he said yes! Please pray that Keegan would know Jesus through the EU. I’m still new to walk-ups, and spend most of the chats smiling and nodding – maybe asking some questions – while someone more experienced will do the talking. And that’s okay! Regardless of how much you say, it’s such a privilege to see evangelism in action!”


Please pray that the conversations about Jesus that students are having on campus will bear much fruit.

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