The gospel isn’t just for undergrads

by Matthew Moffitt

Hidden amongst the 45,000 coursework students at Sydney University is another group that the EU has been ministering to for over a decade now. They number 12,000, and you’ll find them in libraries and laboratories, lecture theatres and tutorial rooms, service desks and cafes. They are the research postgraduate students, academics, and general staff of the university. This is one of the largest research communities in Australia, and they have the potential to end up working anywhere in the world.

Our great prayer for this community is twofold. Firstly, we long to see Christians flourish in the faith as their hearts and minds are renewed by Christ’s Spirit. Secondly, we want to facilitate the proclamation of the gospel along the corridors of the university. Through both aspects we hope that this ministry will bear fruit in the biblical and theological maturity of students and staff as they bring all things under Jesus’ lordship.

One postgraduate who has given pause to reflect on this twofold prayer in his own studies is Matthew Hill. Researching physics pedagogy, Matthew has had to integrate his Christian and scientific understandings of the world.

“My faith is demonstrated to myself and my colleagues through the way that I research and work as I seek to obey Jesus’ commands to love others, and hold out to them the good news of the gospel.

One time during my studies I was due to give a talk at a church youth group on one of Jesus’ miracles. This caused me to reflect on what I believed as a scientist working in physics about the plausibility and implications of miracles. My conclusion of miracles being God’s deliberate way of suspending the regular laws of nature has far-reaching implications, one of which was that I wanted to discuss this with my colleagues. So on the day of the talk at a research group morning tea I asked my colleagues – “Do you believe in miracles?” It was a great conversation – though I was on my own for trusting in a God of the bible who has power over the world that we study.”

Do pray that through the EU Postgraduate and Staff community Jesus would be proclaimed and people would live lives honouring him.

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