The Gospel is Not Chained

by Jo Wong

Crackdown– one word sums up the sweeping religious policy reform and the ensuing enforcement across China since February of 2018. For Christians, this meant systemic persecution – churches are being closed down; Bibles and books are confiscated; pastors are being arrested; and missionaries are forced to leave.

Yet, the gospel is not chained – we see thousands of students from China[1]coming to our campus where the gospel is more within reach. How do we steward this present opportunity to see God’s kingdom grow amongst our Chinese friends on campus? Here’s one way.

Earlier this year, one of the student leaders of Mandarin Bible Study[2]asked euFOCUS if some of their small group leaders could receive ministry training from the EU. We were keen to share the training resources we have been blessed with. So began the weekly training with 2 groups of MBS small group leaders in the EU’s “Teaching the Bible” course (TTB). For most of them, reading Scripture in its own context is a new and steep learning curve. I’m praying that this training will form a good foundation for a lifetime of humble faithfulness in understanding and living out God’s Word for my Chinese brothers and sisters.

What’s exciting is that every week seated within earshot from our training gathering in the International Student Lounge is a group led by another MBS small group leader who was trained last year in TTB. It was such a joy to see and hear the palpable love in her Word ministry amongst Chinese international students.

Please join me in praying for the Chinese Christian international students that God’s unchained gospel may go forth with them and reach the waiting hearts and ears in China.

[1]18000 out of 28000 international students enrolled are from China.

[2]MBS is another Christian group at USyd.

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