The EU’s Evangelistic Heart in 2021

by EU Graduates Fund

The EU has a rich 90 year history in being an evangelistic and outward looking student group at Sydney University. What was once fifteen or so students meeting in the clock tower, in the heart of the iconic old sandstone building, is now hundreds of students alive and active on campus.

Under the leadership of Howard Guinness, the original students decided to leave the Bell Tower to pursue more regular and public activity on campus, in an effort to reach more students with the gospel. This was the beginning of the EU’s evangelistic zeal! 2021 offers a kind of fresh start after a disruptive year. So how has the EU stayed true to this history and its commitment to its first object?

For the last month or so I have had the privilege of serving on the E-Team, a team whose primary responsibility is to help the EU increase their capacity in achieving the EU’s first Object, by encouraging and supporting evangelism across the regional and specialist communities within the EU.

What is the EU’s first object? To present students with the Christian gospel and to lead them to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

The E-Team is a team of five keen evangelists who are passionate about sharing the gospel. This year the team has had both the challenge and responsibility of helping our new day communities keep evangelism front and centre. Their prayerful work as an EU structure is often unseen, but I want to share with you three identifiable ways in which their work has seen EU students engaging in evangelism this semester.

1. We are currently in the middle of a three week series on ‘Facing Our Fears’. EU students have been intentionally setting aside half an hour to do walk-up. Students have been inviting their friends on campus to come and hear from God’s word on the topic of Fear, out of a love for those who have not heard the gospel and in response to God.

Students have been inviting their friends on campus to come and hear from God’s word on the topic of Fear, out of a love for those who have not heard the gospel and in response to God.

The E-Team have been a key source of energy in encouraging the day programs to attempt to engage the campus in this way.

2. There has also been a keen focus on prayer and training! The E-Team have tried to encourage more prayerfulness by holding prayer meetings each morning. This has been a way to encourage EU students to be praying for the campus on a regular basis, acknowledging God’s power and will in the work of evangelism. Fortnightly ESummits have been the place for students to come and to be trained for evangelism. Topics have included how to merge universes, reading the bible with non-Christians, and the how and why of prayer.

3. Finally, there has been an attempt to grow the evangelistic culture of the EU by sharing moments of celebration with each other. There is so much to celebrate in seeing students trying to share the gospel with their friends and fellow students, and so to encourage this infectious energy, the ETeam have been looking to create more avenues for sharing stories. This has included invigorating avenues of communication such as social media, continually looking for discipleship opportunities with students, and making evangelism stories part of their day to day language and conversation.

There is a lot to be excited about in regards to evangelism at Sydney University! Please be praying for the campus – that God would create a revival, that the EU would continue to grow its evangelistic heart, and that it would be seen.


Nikhil Kurien

Second Year Howie

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