Starting the year as a new Howie

by EU GradsFund

Picture this: 

A social gathering with a group of medical students in their penultimate year. The first set of exams for the year are over and they have just begun their second term. Over dinner, the conversation revolves around hospital placements and the merits of different medical specialties. 

Late last year, I shared with them, my friends and peers, about my plans to take a year off study to do a year of training in Christian ministry. They reacted then with surprise and curiosity, asking questions about how and why I had made this decision. 

And now, over dinner, the conversation turns and some friends ask what I have been doing in my year so far. 

I am a little unsure about how to answer and feel hesitant to tell them that a lot of my week is spent sharing the gospel with people on campus and training others to do the same. I do it anyway, and show them the gospel presentation I have as a sticker on the back of my phone. I ask if I can share it with them and they say yes! 

This year, I have the incredible privilege of being part of the staff team as a Howie, serving in euFOCUS (with international students) and Med/Dent! I’m taking part in a version of the Howard Guinness Project which is colloquially referred to as the “Broadfoot Scheme”. It’s named after the first of a handful of Sydney Uni medical students who chose to temporarily place their studies on hold in order to dedicate one year to being trained in ministry. 

Going through the EU as a student, I was gripped by the reality of the “less reached and less resourced” and entered medicine with the prayerful hope that God might use my training as a way to open doors to serving him in LRLR contexts.

With this in mind, I’m grateful for the opportunity to devote one whole, short year to being trained in ministry. As I am trained to grow as a pastor, teacher and evangelist, I look forward to being part of the amazing work that God is doing on campus and feel so thankful for the supporters who enable me to do this! 

– Rebekah Kang, Howard Guinness Project 2024

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