Staff-Student Partnership: A Student’s Experience

by EU Graduates Fund

I am in my fourth year of a liberal arts degree, and I’m part of the ArtsPlus faculty of the EU. My first experience of the EU was a little bit daunting. I was a shy first year, and I didn’t know many other people starting at USyd, or know my way around campus. But I decided to sign up to the EU, and on my first ever day of class I attended a first year small group. In that group, I met some incredibly loving and friendly Christian students who are still some of my closest friends today. One of my favourite thing about being part of the EU is that regardless of your background or degree, we are a big family of both students and staff, united by our love of Christ Jesus.

During my time in the EU, I’ve been able to get involved in lots of ways, including leading small groups, attending weekly PMs, AnCon and going on summer missions. I have also had the pleasure of serving on different student-staff teams including the Welcome Week team and the AnCon team, which I’m serving on as a Senior Student this year.

What I have really valued about serving alongside EU staff workers is that they are like a second family to the students – each one of them genuinely cares for us and shows us Christ-like love. They are always willing to support us, to meet up and chat, and are constantly praying for us. Their constant support equips us as students to be able to use opportunities on campus to serve Jesus.

Please pray for both staff and students on campus as we work together to share the gospel and bring glory to God this semester.

By Georgina Saint-John 

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