Staff Commissioning 2017

by Laura Southam

As another year of ministry begins, we celebrate once more with thanks to God for the new staff workers joining the EU GradsFund team on campus this year. As part of the EU’s Launch Day on 28 February, we welcomed not only over 150 new students commencing their studies, but also took some time to introduce and pray for the eight new Howard Guinness Project trainees who will be serving USyd students in Jesus’ name this year.

In 2017 our team finds itself in an exciting and unprecedented position, as three of the eight new Howies join us specifically to be a part of the FOCUS ministry, to see Sydney Uni’s international students call Jesus their Lord. Along with a second year Howie and three senior staff, the FOCUS team now consists of seven staff workers who are set aside to help the gospel bear fruit in the lives of people from many nations, and see the raising up of Christians equipped to faithfully handle God’s word, and serve in leadership of God’s people.

One of our new FOCUS Howies, Joel, shared on Launch Day that the factor that most influenced his decision to join the staff team on campus, was his desire to ultimately be somewhere else. “There is a huge need for people to share the gospel in places apart from Sydney! To help me be able to go somewhere else, I want to invest this time as a Howie, so I can be better prepared for that work.” The other beginning staff likewise expressed their excitement to contribute to the growth of God’s people, not only on campus, but also in the parts of Sydney, Australia and beyond where a great need for gospel ministry exists.

We see God continuing to provide open doors for gospel ministry on campus, and we maintain our commitment to serving communities that are less-reached with the gospel of Christ, and less-resourced in their access to faithful teaching of God’s word. Please join us in praying that God will continue to raise up servants to train, and be themselves trained as, Christian leaders who might flood his church around the world.

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