Something Old, Something New

by Jess Smith

I was meeting with a Muslim student for coffee, to discuss some of her questions about Jesus. She pulled out a list of Bible verses to back up her argument that “Jesus is not God.” The problem was, each of these quotes had been taken completely out of context. When we read each verse in its context, we saw that the text was actually saying that Jesus is both fully man and fully God!

EU students have found this to be a common occurrence when talking to Muslim friends. Even those who are willing to engage in genuine discussion often come with a plethora of misconceptions about what the Bible teaches and how it should be understood.

What do you do when you just don’t seem to be on the same page? You try something new!

We wondered if it would be possible to meet with some of these students regularly to read the Bible in context, in order to understand its intended meaning. Some were interested, but were hesitant to study our Scriptures rather than reading their Holy book, the Qur’an.

So we thought: why not read both?

A small group of girls have started meeting weekly to read the Bible and Qur’an together. We discuss the Qur’an one week – an opportunity for Christians to learn about the Islamic faith – then study the Bible on alternate weeks. We have been reading through Mark’s gospel, discovering how Jesus fulfils the Prophets, and learning how to understand the message of the Christian Scriptures as we go. This initiative has started small, but already we have had good discussions revolving around the text, rather than based on false assumptions on both sides.

Please pray for continued willingness amongst students to engage in interfaith dialogue, and for hearts open to the Truth.

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