Servant-hearted leaders

by Emily Lane

The EU has a multitude of ways in which to serve! There are areas that many people hear about – Assistant Small Group Leading, Faculty Leading, Specialist Team Leading, Executive… but there are many, many jobs that fly under the radar, that happen each week without people realising.

Within three of the big events we run on campus, AnCon, Fusion and Public Meetings, there are people who serve with joy in the little areas.

One such area is registration for AnCon. This is an important job but often involves frustrating website malfunctions, students asking strange questions or payments not going through.

A window into the heart of some of the people in the EU is seen in the way they serve in these backstage ways. Serena has the job of rego for AnCon.

Serena Lui – Arts/Law 3rd year

What do you do on AnCon Team?

I’m on the logistics sub-team doing all things related to rego (a lot of backend website stuff).

What do you like about the EU?

I love how the EU challenges me to wrestle with the truths of the Christian faith and in doing so, encourages me to respond and live my life in a way that glorifies Jesus as Lord

Why did you say yes to doing this position?

Almost everyone I talk to tells me doing rego is the worst. But I’m actually really enjoying it. Personally, AnCon has been an important time for my own Christian growth and maturity. It has really changed the way I choose to live as a Christian. It is my hope and prayer that others may benefit from AnCon in the same way.

What has serving on the AnCon team taught you?

I love that I’m able to use the skills God has given to me in service of Him.

Sometimes it can be hard to put service and ministry into perspective though. They’re both inherently good things but should not compromise or distract us from the pursuit of personal intimacy with God. It can be easy to forget this at times, yet I am reminded that godly leadership involves prioritising spending time with Jesus rather than getting caught up with all the things that need to be done.

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