Sending out students

by Sarah Chilton

Most of us would consider that the end of the year is still a little way off, but for students they are definitely on the home stretch. With only 2 weeks of exams to go, the weeks preceding this have been a chance to celebrate the end of the year and to send out those who are graduating to serve God’s church and his world.

For many faculties end of year events are a chance to celebrate the year before the long summer break, and for others they are opportunities to think about how they might serve as Christians in their chosen fields. For secondary education students, a workforce panel was held in week 11 on being a Christian teacher. Law students also heard from recent graduates and those further on in their careers about serving with wisdom and integrity in the legal profession. And for all students graduating a very sophisticated cheese and dessert night was a special way to close this chapter.

As an EUer is sent out from the university, the intention is that this is not a chapter that was a peak of their Christian service and growth. Rather, we pray they will build on this strong foundation and launch into a lifetime of serving Christ, his people and his world!

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