Reminders to self upon entering bible college

by Richard Wong

What goes through the mind of someone fresh into their time at bible college? Here’s a bit of an insight into my own as I embarked part-time on my first semester of bible college:

 “I’m glad I did a ministry apprenticeship”

I experienced in my first week at college the academic rigours that come with theological study, and with that I recognised first hand how easy it could be to retreat into the pursuit of knowledge. So I’m thankful for two years of ministry as a Howie because it has established in my mind a tangible context for my time in bible college. I can study the deep truths of God with the experience of how they could be applied to my ministry. At college I am preparing for something that I have already tasted, and the benefits of that are worth the two years of my life as a Howie.


“I need to fall in love with the gospel again and again”

At the same time you could go through bible college with only one thing in mind—to come out equipped to do ministry. But what a shame it would be if for all the learning of God and the passion for his gospel work you were not struck again and again by his grace. Every lecture, every reading, every essay, every exam is a precious opportunity to grasp how high, wide, and deep is the love of Christ, who gave his life as a ransom for many.


“I want to be humble”

It is such an immense privilege to be spending time at bible college. All those around me have sacrificed much to be there—it is no small cost to study at college. At the same time it is such a wonderful blessing to spend a year or more to mature in faith and prepare for God’s service. The cost is great, the blessing is greater still.


Pray for our brothers and sisters studying at bible college, that they would embody the humility of Christ as they flood the church with servant hearted Christian leaders, for the sake of the gospel.

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