Reflections from Graduating Students 2023

by EU GradsFund

Praise God for the way He works in the lives of EU students! Hear from Rachel and Josh, two 2023 EU graduates, about the ways god has blessed them through the union.

Rachel – EU Treasurer 2022-2023, Vet & Science Faculty

University has been the best five years of my life, particularly because of the EU and the absolute blessing it has been to me and my walk with Christ. My knowledge and heart for Christ and his people has abounded through out the countless opportunities to hear and discuss God’s word. My very first AnCon will always hold a special place in my heart, what an incredibly unique experience to receive such rich bible teaching, fellowship and joy. I’m going to miss the EU deeply, and the wonderful students and staff but I’m so excited to see how God will use the invaluable pastoral and leadership skills the EU has given me throughout the rest of my life!

Josh – Arts and Social Work Faculty

With family members who are grads of Sydney, I had heard about the EU and remember that it was a key reason why I choose to enrol at Sydney. I was excited to join a thriving community which was so passionate in teaching the Bible faithfully and seeing tangible spiritual growth and maturity in believers. I also knew that I would receive a depth of teaching, training, and experiences I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Looking back at my time in the EU, I can proudly say that it was one of the most formative and joyous times of my university experience.

Whilst God has grown me in immeasurable ways, I am particularly thankful for the EU’s missional focus on the Less Reached, Less Resourced (LRLR). LRLR workers and the pledge at Ancon, as well as NTE mission were fantastic opportunities that practically reinforced for me the preciousness and need for the Gospel around Australia and the world. I even had the privilege to visit and support past Howie’s who are now serving overseas which made me realise how much God has blessed the church in Sydney. Throughout, the EU has both challenged and equipped me to think about how I can make Jesus the Lord of my life and how I can be making bold decisions for his kingdom. The EU was a real eye-opener for making me grasp the privilege we have in being involved in God’s work of salvation and for the seeing the many Gospel opportunities around me.

I graduate incredibly thankful for the ministry of the EU and the staff workers who invested so deeply and generously in me. The grace Jesus offers us has been the core truth that I had the pleasure of exploring each week and I know I have been well grounded and equipped for a life of Christian service. I pray that God will continue his work through the EU and that it will continue to bear much fruit.

Thank God with us for the Class of 2023 and pray that they would be a part of the flood, going out to serve God’s church as lay and vocational leaders who Biblically and theologically mature, servant hearted, and innovative ministry strategists.

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