Reflections from the EU’s Class of 2022

by EU GradsFund

As students are finalising degrees at Sydney University, many Christian students are also finishing up their time with the EU. We chatted to graduating students about what they have learnt through the EU and how God has used these experiences to grow them in their faith and witness. Praise God with us for his work in their lives!

Ben – Business

When I started out in 2019 as a first year, I was pumped to spend four years learning how to think at a top Australian university. And while that has been great, I think my time with the EU has helped me grow far more than simply in critical thinking skills. Over the course of the last few years I’ve been taught the Bible faithfully and deeply, listened to talks and been involved in discussion groups. I’ve grown massively in my knowledge of God’s love, and my appreciation of what Jesus did for me at the cross.

Having the opportunity to serve across various types of ministries has been amazing. Not only has it been a great way for me to use my time at uni for God as I discipled people through Bible studies and got involved planning events, it’s also been a time for me to learn practical skills that I’m excited to use in my church – hopefully for the rest of my life! By God’s grace, I have seen myself grow in maturity and faith, and particularly in my compassion. I’m so thankful for all the staff who guided and cared for me, for my peers who encouraged me and spurred me on, and for the supporters who have been praying and giving to make it all possible.

That was the turning point for me to realise that if I wanted to be a Christian, I had to be all in and to figure out what it really meant for Jesus to be Lord over everything in my life.

Zelia – Engineering

The EU has been the best part of my time at university hands down. It has been so formative in shaping my understanding of how to read the bible for myself, how to lead studies, how to share the gospel with my friends, and how to encourage my brothers and sisters in the faith.

When I first came to uni, I had never heard of the EU before. I was very private about my faith, never really openly sharing my faith with others and never sought out any opportunities to do so. It always makes me laugh when I think of how I basically stumbled into the EU when a girl from my school a few years older than me recognised me at open day and invited me to join.

Looking back five years later, I am so beyond grateful to God for the EU and what I have learnt throughout my time in it. AnCon was my first Christian conference, and I was blown away by the depth from the talks and the discussions with others. That was the turning point for me to realise that if I wanted to be a Christian, I had to be all in and to figure out what it really meant for Jesus to be Lord over everything in my life. My faith has grown so much through hearing God’s word faithfully taught week after week in public meetings and bible studies. I have experienced myself and other EUers become more generous, more joyful, more caring, more prayerful and thoughtful of those around us, and I hope that we can continue to share that in our congregations and workforces in the future.

Laura – Engineering

Over my four years at uni, I’ve been so thankful to have been involved in the EU community. It has been such an encouragement to meet regularly with other Christians my age, and to grow alongside each other in our love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus! Although most semesters of my time at uni have looked quite different (thanks to covid), I am thankful that I have been able to regularly meet with brothers and sisters to read God’s word, pray together, serve alongside one another and do life with one another.

Being a part of the EU has grown my practical ministry skills (be that in running a bible study or playing a part in organising a conference), challenged me in my intentionality in decision making, and encouraged me in my boldness in sharing Jesus, and the joy of knowing him.

I am thankful for the generations of EUers who have made Jesus known on campus, and to God for sustaining and growing the EU and its ministry for so many years. It is my prayer that the ministry of the EU will continue to grow, challenge and encourage uni students in their love and knowledge of Jesus for generations to come.

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