Now and Not Yet: Loving the Less Reached and Less Resourced

by Nathan Booth

Part of my week is working with Fergus and Trish, two students involved in Cousin Ministry (CousMin) with Muslim students. Here’s what they have to say about how being involved in has grown his heart for the less reached and less resourced (LRLR):

How has your time as part of the EU’s Cousin Ministry helped you grow in sacrificial love for the LRLR?

F: CousMin has helped build my confidence to talk about Jesus to our Muslim cousins. I think that initially I was very intimidated talking to Muslims about Jesus as I felt that I might say the wrong thing or offend them in some way.  However, Cousmin showed me that it shouldn’t be a barrier to sharing the gospel as they desperately need to hear it! Even though it can be awkward, there is nothing you can do more loving than sharing the gospel.

T: CousMin has been immensely encouraging and helped me to grow in my boldness to engage in conversations with Muslims. Being a part of an Anecdote-Mentoring-Prayer group has been super helpful as well as it equips me to speak about the gospel to Muslims in ways that will help them to understand it from their lens.

Trish, what have been some frustrations and joys of being involved in Cousin Ministry?

T: I felt frustrated when friendships with Muslims deepened genuinely but it felt like they haven’t budged at all with their understanding of who Jesus is, despite having so many conversations about Jesus. Nonetheless, there is genuine joy as I am constantly reminded that God is working through the frustrations and failures – even when it doesn’t feel like it! It’s also heaps fun to reach that point in the friendship where we are comfortable enough to share about each other’s faith AND share about our lives in general!

Fergus, what are your current plans for after studying and how have they been shaped by the value of loving the LRLR?

F: I hope to be a science teacher for a few years in south west Sydney and then maybe do an apprenticeship. Seeing the great need to reach out to the LRLR has definitely shaped my decisions. The need for Christians to love the LRLR has motivated me to commit to moving from a very well-resourced church to a less resourced one and to pursue a career in region of Sydney with a lot less bible believing Christians.

How can we be praying for you both as you engage with Muslims?

F: Please pray that I be bold in my conversations with Muslims. I always find there is a pull towards been cowardly when sharing the gospel, particularly with Muslims. Please pray that I overcome this and faithfully share the good news of Jesus.

T: Please pray for more patience and wisdom as I engage with Muslims. Please pray for all the friendships that I have now with Muslims, that God will continue to provide opportunities to grow my relationships with them.  Please pray that they will recognise Jesus as Lord and saviour!

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