No Expert? No Worries – Equipping Students to read the Word wherever they go

by Karen Sowden

In Sydney we are blessed to fall under wonderful Biblical teaching. We have lots of opportunities to ask Biblical questions to what we might consider ‘experts’. This might be through reading books, or asking our Bible study leader, pastor or an actual theologian!

Imagine not having experts to rely on. Imagine having to do the hard contextual work yourself. Imagine having to discovering the Bible for yourself.

In many ‘less reached and less resourced’ (LRLR) places this is the case. This might because there are not many Christians around, or this might be because of restrictions and persecution.

The Three Thirds Bible Study is a method of Bible study being implemented this year in euFOCUS with these people in mind. It’s an easily replicable pattern of discovery that insists on no experts.

It’s empowering, it’s dependent on God to speak through His word and it’s organic, so it can spread like wildfire.

There are no experts and every single person is trained to be able to share God’s word and become disciple making disciples. When international students return home, or students are sent to LRLR places,  they are equipped to read the Word and make disciples, where ever they are. Even in our current pandemic, students are able to open and interpret the Word for themselves and apply it to their life. We are equipping students to powerfully read the Bible where ever go and whatever they face.

Three Thirds is simple and focused on reading the Bible very closely.

It emboldens everyone to participate by answering in less than two sentences – what does this part of the Bible teach us about God? Then, what does this part of the Bible teach us about humanity?
No experts with long answers allowed!

This is then sandwiched by concrete planning from what we have learnt and a review of how we went implementing plans the previous week. It also focuses on practicing and sharing the stories we learn from the Bible with others, allowing our family and peers to also enter the discovery process with us and even start new groups.

What I have enjoyed most has been the support and collegiality of being disciples together. Together we make concrete plans to apply the Bible, change our lives and share with our loved ones. It’s wonderful hearing how God is blessing other’s through answering their prayers as we share our progress and also being reminded of God’s grace in our fails. Global pandemic hasn’t changed this – we still rejoice in being able to walk through life together and praise God for His faithfulness to us! With prayerful expectation we look forward to seeing and hearing how international students use this method to live out and share God’s word with friends and family back home – even without the resources we’re blessed with here in Sydney.


Karen Sowden
EUFocus Staffworker

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