New Players in the Gospel Story

by Rani Grivas

Rani Grivas, first year trainee, tells the stories of three students who have committed themselves to Jesus in Semester Two.

rani2smallerFor Becki, a Secondary Education student, it began with a group of Christian friends she met on campus.  Initially, Christianity seemed judgemental and inauthentic, but in these peers were people who let her see their life of discipleship up-close. Over four years, Becki peered further and further into the Gospel story which so clearly shaped the people around her. Eventually she became open to reading the Bible and even started investigating Christianity at a local church. This semester, she decided to put her trust in Jesus. The Gospel story lived out by her friends has become her story too.

Grace, a second year Arts student, arrived at university with a hazy knowledge of Jesus and a desire to engage more deeply. She attended the EU’s Annual Conference with a thirst for information, yet returned to campus feeling unready to make a decision. It was in reading the Bible with first year trainee Kat that Grace began to see God’s work throughout history with greater clarity. As they spoke together about grace, sin, and salvation, her hesitance began to crumble. Half-way through the semester, she decided that she knew “enough to make a commitment to Jesus and follow Jesus for life”.

For Jodie, a student from China, the stories of the Bible had been part of her life since childhood. But it was in an euFOCUS small group that she began to see herself in the passages we read. From an original position of intellectual scepticism, she grew increasingly moved by the Gospel narratives – the parable of the prodigal son, the story of the wedding banquet. Reading about Jesus’ forgiveness of the criminal on the cross visibly shocked her. Jodie now tells me that now her daily Bible reading is alive to her as someone who knows its words to be true in her heart.

Join us in praising God for His beautiful story of reconciling the world to Himself through Christ, and pray that through the ministry of the EU, He would continue to invite many on campus to life in His story.

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