New Places for Gospel Service

by Alison Moffitt

First year trainee Alison Moffitt spoke with EU students who have uprooted for the sake of the gospel.

As 2013 dawned three EU graduates were preparing to serve less reached areas and less resourced churches in Sydney, Australia and overseas.

A few years ago Tom was challenged to move to a different part of Sydney and help a less resourced church. This year he moved to Canterbury Community Church to be a committed lay member. Hospitality is a big part of church life. Over the last four months he has been opening his new home to neighbours and friends, meeting many people from different backgrounds and walks of life.

“What’s at the same time a great blessing and a challenge is just the huge amount of opportunities there are here in Canterbury. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. There are so many opportunities but we only have limited people and resources.”

Victor PhotoVic and his family moved to Hobart in January to serve at Battery Point Anglican Church. Vic is responsible for kids ministry and evangelism, running a playgroup, kids club and evangelistic bible studies. Vic has been training church members in evangelism, but there are few mature Christians who will serve.

“There is the full range of spiritual maturity in church, but not many who are mature. This means finding people to volunteer can be difficult. I’d like to get to a place where I am mentoring and training the lay leaders who run the various ministries of the church.”

Naomi PhotoNaomi arrived in Tokyo in February to work with the Christian Student Group (KGK) after two years as an EU Graduates Fund trainee. She has responsibility for thirteen university campuses! There are many non-Christians connected to KGK but few Christian students who are confident to lead them to Jesus. Naomi has been training students in evangelism. It’s a big harvest field with few workers, but God has still been at work.

“One student came knocking on the door saying, ‘I’m so glad I found you, I’ve been looking everywhere! My parents are Buddhist but I think Christ sounds better. I want to become a Christian.’”

Please pray for Tom, Vic and Naomi as they minister among God’s people and the world in Sydney, Australia and Japan.

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