Mixing Religion and Politics

by Brian Leung

First year trainee Brian Leung reviews a recent series of Public Meetings talks.

The Christian Revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity was the title of a recent series of talks at the EU’s Public Meetings by Moore College lecturer Michael Jensen.  A break from the usual diet of working through one book of the Bible, this topical series on three concepts gave students a model for how to approach political issues with a systematic biblical framework.

In each talk Michael explored the appeal of these political values—liberty, equality, fraternity—in society.  In the case of each there was some failure to be discussed.  Our world’s desire for liberty or freedom often manifests itself as slavery to commerce; blind pursuit of equality forgets the question of what should be treated as equal; our striving for fraternity, for peaceful communion amongst humans, is frustrated by divisions of identity, culture, and economics.

Having highlighted these problems, Michael turned to Genesis 1 and 2 to show how each value found its origin in creation, how it was deformed by sin, and how their fulfillment is found only in Jesus and His church.  True liberty is not an individualistic freedom but the freedom to love and serve others.  Equality is not a basis for asserting ourselves, but for upholding the dignity of others while recognizing and celebrating difference.  Fraternity is found in the body of Jesus Christ—that is, in the church.

Having outlined a biblical understanding of these values, each discussed how to apply this understanding in today’s world.  We were challenged to change our practices both within our churches and towards the outside world.

These were thought-provoking talks that helped students to connect the word of God to their understanding of the world and to their lives, modeling a healthy biblical approach to engaging with the world as Christians.

You can listen to the EU’s Public Meetings talks for free online. Visit http://www.sueu.org.au/podcast.

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