Ministry to muslims on campus

by EU Graduates Fund

Festival, which was held in week 8 and 9 of this semester, is an exciting time of the year. A united body of Sydney University students, Howies and staff workers, gathered and prepared for a fortnight of intentionally evangelistic activities, events and conversations. For the Cousmin team, it was an opportunity to harness the excited energy surrounding Festival, to encourage EU members to spend time reaching out to our Muslim cousins on campus.

During the Festival time, the Cousmin team prayed for God’s will to be done on campus, for God to transform the hearts of the people we had been meeting with, and for more opportunities to meet with cousins regularly. Different members of the team also continued to visit the prayer rooms on campus, observing prayers and talking to students who were in the rooms at the time. These conversations involved discussions surrounding both the Christian and Muslim faith, individual testimonies and experiences of religion, as well as general conversations surrounding sports, families and studies. Going down to the prayer rooms is a big step to take, and often results in great conversations.

The team members also continued to meet with Muslims they had met on campus. This is the end goal for all who are interested in becoming part of the Cousmin team. It is within these one on one conversations that friendships and trust is formed, where honest and open discussions surrounding life and religion can occur, and when questions can be asked and answered openly. Cousmin aims to “speak the truth in love” to our Muslim cousins on campus, and this is done no better than in long discussions over coffee or tea.

Over the fortnight of Festival, the Cousmin team became more proactive in connecting people with a cousin on campus. This meant creating more time slots for prayer room visits, and encouraging EU members to take the step of visiting the prayer rooms. For many, this was an important and eye-opening first step. In the prayer rooms, discussions of belief can be had freely. In an open space, many cousins are willing to approach newcomers and answer questions in a respectful and honest way.

Festival is an important time in which many conversations are started, yet the goal of the Cousmin team is to not just start the conversations, but to continue these conversations. Following the time period of Festival, what is important is that people remain committed to spending time with cousins, growing in friendships, and continually bringing the gospel to our cousins in one on one conversations.

Please continue to pray for Muslims on campus. That God may work powerfully on campus, and that students will continually show love towards our cousins on campus by bringing them the gospel.

By Willem Booker

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