Meeting the lost on campus

by EU GradsFund

Thousands upon thousands of students flooded into Eastern Avenue this week, for what is known as USYD’s annual O-Week. From freshly graduated high school students to returning post-graduates, even the 38 degree heat could not stop their enthusiasm to experience the campus and sign-up to clubs and societies. As our EU students and staff prepared, baked, greeted and connected with hundreds of students, we were challenged to engage students beyond gathering numbers to our database.

On Thursday afternoon, Helen and Lilly (EU ministry trainees) met Lucy**, an international student who had just arrived in Sydney. Through an encounter with an euFOCUS (EU’s ministry to international students) helper Talic and after listening to his testimony, Lucy was invited to meet other EU members. In Talic’s words, she was “interested in knowing more about Jesus!”.

Taking the opportunity, Helen and Lilly shared with Lucy the story of the prodigal son from Luke’s gospel to which she responded, “I want to hear more.” This continued as they shared another story of Zacchaeus and their personal testimonies. When she was offered to read the bible with an EU student, she said, “yes”. Later on her way home, Helen had the opportunity to invite her along to church and again, she said “yes”.

What began as a brief interaction, this was a story of someone who had never heard about Jesus until Thursday. As we follow-up with the hundreds (600+) of students connected over O-Week, please do join us in praying for Lucy and the rest of the students we have met. May God speak loudly and clearly to these hungry hearts and bring the lost home.

**Lucy has been renamed for this story.



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