Meet the New Howies: 2019

by EU GradsFund

Chenway Liu

I will be serving in the Australian Asian Christian Evangelical Students (ACES) and the international student (euFOCUS) ministries this year at Sydney University. As a Howie, I’m looking forward to serving students on campus; to see them grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus and to challenge them to live lives for the glory of God. I’m also looking forward to further developing my skills in teaching the Bible, evangelism and discipleship. Please pray that God may continue to work within the hearts of the students that they may grow in their love and intimacy with Jesus, and that God may raise up students to be the next generation of Christian leaders who will boldly proclaim Jesus as Lord in their service and speech. Please also pray that God may strengthen me as I serve students on campus.


Jonathan Hathway

I will support the Primary Education and Social Work Faculties this year by leading small groups, training students to teach the bible, and pastorally caring for students. I grew up with Christian parents, who always supported and offered unconditional love whether I decided to be a Christian or not. When I was eight years old, I heard the gospel presented clearly at church, and God called me to follow Him. At my first AnCon as a student, in 2010, I realised more of the implications of being a Christian, and gave Him rule over my whole life. I am keen to spend lots of time in God’s Word with students, and engage with non-Christians about Jesus. I am keen to see what God will do in students’  lives this year. Please pray I would know Jesus better personally as I spend more time sharing Him with others.


Joshua Hoole

I am serving alongside students in the ACES and Conservatorium faculties and am excited to see how God will be at work in transforming hearts for Him and His glory. I attend Glenmore Park Anglican Church, in the suburb of Penrith in Sydney’s West, and I am engaged to Anna, who I will be marrying in August this year.  I am so excited to be a Howie for the next two years, as I will get a practical taste of everyday ministry and to see what that looks like. I am so keen to see how God will be growing, stretching and challenging me, to better grasp and understand what it looks like to live a life worthy of the Lord Jesus, as well as how to love, care for, pastor and invest in the lives of brothers and sisters in Christ.


Daniel Bemmer

I will be serving this year by looking after both the Engineering and Design faculties and helping organise Leadership Summit for 2020. I was fortunate to be raised in a Christian home and whilst I would have always called myself a Christian, it wasn’t till late high school that I started to live this out realizing that Jesus was the only secure thing to build my life on. I live with my wife Emily in the lower Blue Mountains, and I attend Emu Plains Community Baptist Church, where I’ve been almost all my life. I’m super excited to grow in my character and ministry skills. I’m also excited to be able to disciple the students in the engineering and design faculties and see them grow more mature in Christ. I would love prayer that I would constantly rely on God’s strength alone and use my time effectively.



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