“Less Reached, Less Resourced” in Our Backyard

by EU Graduates Fund

Orion Leung interviews Amanda Mason about her involvement in Thai ministry

“Less reached, Less resourced” has been a value the EU has been growing in for many years now, where students are encouraged to explore how they might make decisions to serve those who have less opportunities to hear the gospel. I asked Amanda Mason how these values shaped the ministry decisions she has made since finishing the Howard Guinness Project at the end of 2012, particularly regarding her current involvement in the Thai church training women. She shares:

 “[Thai ministry] was something that came about in response to an opportunity; something that I saw as a less reached, less resourced ministry in my backyard… I had an awareness that there was a need that was immediate and there were opportunities immediately there…”

When asked about her training, Amanda shared about the Howard Guinness Project.

“In many ways, Howie is all the ministry training that I have… It gave me the skills and framework to think about how I do what I do.”

“The EU has always been on about “flooding the world with well trained, Christian leaders.” The transience of the Thai population could be annoying for some leaders who try to pastor then lose half the congregation. Yet it’s strategic for someone who has come through a sending organisation like the EU, always thinking about preparing them for the next place that God’s going to put them.

“Thailand is one of the heartlands of other world religions and has been hard to penetrate by traditional methods and mission…so I get to send Thai people to work with Thai people”

Please pray for:

  • God to raise up more workers for ‘Less Resourced, Less Reached’ ministries in Sydney, Australia and beyond
  • Thai people in Sydney to know Jesus and grow strong in their faith
  • The Thai church to strengthen their connections with their community
  • Thai Christians to lead their own churches and for appropriate partnership with the broader church
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