Leadership centred on the Word of God

by Dan Chua

Just two weeks before the semester started this year, the core leaders of the EU gathered at a conference called Leadership Summit where they received training, teaching and prayed for the EU. Among the training and teaching that was received, guest speaker Dan Wu from Moore Theological College delivered talks from 1 Kings on the Word of God. Together we explored the story of the Lord resurrecting the widow’s son at Zarephath, with Dan noting “The Word of God brings life to those who trust in it”. As he said this, I could not help but notice how timely it was to hear these words, especially with regard to Christian leadership.

Every activity that the EU does is in light of Jesus’ Lordship, and springs from a great love for God’s Word. It is through the Word of God that brings the dead to life that non-believers are brought to faith. It is through the Word of God that is living and active that Christians are brought to Biblical and theological maturity.  At Leadership Summit, it was exciting to see around 200 people present at the conference who were eager to step into roles of EU Leadership and keen to present God’s Word to Sydney University.

One new project of the EU that was launched at Leadership Summit is called Uncover. Uncover is a nation-wide initiative by the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students where students will be given resources and training to read the gospel of Luke with their non-Christian friends. I am very excited to see how God’s Word will be working powerfully among the students as they meet one-to-one together to uncover the story of Jesus as recorded by Luke.

Please pray that the EU may continue to faithfully hear and act on the Word of God and that as the EU Graduates Fund staff, in partnership with students, hold out God’s Word to the campus, many too may trust in it and be brought to life.

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