Launching into 2015

by Celia Toose

At the beginning of each year, the EU holds an event called “Launch”. At one level, Launch 2015 was a day the existing students ran to meet first years and welcome them into the EU community on campus. Faculties split off and had “getting to know you time” which involved a variety activities, from casual conversations over arvo tea to scavenger hunts around the University. The day also enabled these new students to understand the values of the EU as expressed in its three objects.

Hence, Launch limited to the immediate looked like staff helping the students integrate new first years into the EU. Launch exists to help these students continue to live out their Christian lives in the context of the University, and, by being part of the EU, reap the benefits of the small groups, public Bible talks, training and pastoral care.

However at another level, Launch is one of the steps in achieving the vision of the EU Graduates Fund which is to flood God’s Church with Christian leaders. Launch with a bigger perspective is about gathering together a new generation of young men and women as they come to university, so that they can be introduced to Jesus, grow in Christian maturity and then go out into His world to serve him, particularly in less reached and less resourced areas. In other words, Launch is part of welcoming more people into the EU so that as they graduate they can be sent out to flood God’s church.

By your prayers and financial support, you enable days like Launch to help fulfil the vision of the Graduates Fund. Please continue to pray for us – the Staff you have put on campus – as we launch into this new year of preparing another generation of EUers to flood God’s church.

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