Jumping Ship

by EU Graduates Fund

Jono Choy was a student in the EU from 2004 to 2007. He’s now coming to the end of a 2-year stint as an engineer on the Logos Hope, a ship that visits ports around the world providing Christian education and resources.

What are your memories from the Evangelical Union?
In the EU I was challenged to really grow up in my faith. I realised that God is so much more immense than I thought, and I started to seriously consider what a lifetime of service to our King would look like for me – whether as an engineer, being involved in missionary work,  aid and development or in vocational ministry.

What made you jump ship from your engineering job in Sydney to the Logos Hope?

Finishing uni, I worked for 3 years as a mechanical engineer at an oil refinery, and I’m really thankful for being able to cut my teeth there. But my understanding of God’s goodness made it a logical decision to move away from the “conventional” mold towards working in aid and development, to purposefully spend a lifetime of service for God using my technical skills in areas where engineers are less likely to want to work.

How is being an engineer on board the Logos Hope different from your job in Australia?

Here on the Logos Hope, engineering is very different – there are less resources in terms of equipment and labour – yet we still need to provide a service to the ship’s ministry so that it can get on with what it needs to do. We provide a functional ship so that the crew can continue moving from port to port to share the news of Christ.

What are your plans for the future?

After I finish up my time with the ship in early 2014, I hope to push further into the aid and development world. For now, prayer would be appreciated for making the most of the opportunities on the ship, doing what I can to improve management processes on board, loving those around I find difficult to love and being more anchored in desiring God in my life.

You can find out more about the ministry of the Logos Hope by going to www.omships.org.


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