Thirty Years: A Joyride of Gospel Partnership

by EU GradsFund

2021 is a (quietly) momentous year.

It is 30 years since Operation Desert Storm landed in Iraq, 30 years since the Soviet Union officially fell and 30 years since Roxette, with gravity defying hair, beckoned us to join the “Joyride.”

It has also been 30 years since Alan Lukabyo stepped onto the Sydney Uni campus as the first dedicated EU staffworker, serving alongside the students of the EU, to see Jesus Proclaimed as Lord.

The idea to employ EU Staff started out with two student leaders – President Andrew Katay and Treasurer Michael Jensen- passing, the now legend, “note” in a dusty Carslaw Greek class. Emboldened, they approached some fresh-faced EU graduates to provide the prayerful and financial backing- and the EU Grads Fund was born.

Over the three decades since, the EU Grads Fund vision has been to flood God’s Church with lay and vocational Christian leaders who are rooted in God’s word, have soft hearts to serve God’s world and with creative minds to meet the challenges of life and ministry ahead. Here and around the world.

EU Staff Team 1995

EU Staff Team 1995

Since its small beginnings, the EU Grads Fund has trained over 150 ministry apprentices, allowed the vital ministry of over 40 senior staffworkers through whom thousands of students have been discipled and trained in a trust-filled and joyful gospel partnership.

While the students and the staff have always been in the front seats in the EU Grads Fund story, like in its first days, it has always relied on the fuel provided by the great crowd of gospel-hearted cheerleaders and prayerful supporters- like YOU! Through your prayers you have upheld the students and staff in God’s mission on campus. Through your finances you have enabled over 200 ministry workers to be released into the harvest field alongside the students.

This October is EU Grads Fund Supporters’ Month. A prayerful celebration of the joyride God has had us on for thirty years. This month is an opportunity to PRAY | GIVE | GATHER as part of the EUGF Supporter Community remembering and prayerfully asking God to bless it into the future. We warmly invite you to be a part of it.

Simon Flinders, past EU student

EU Supporter Simon Flinders

Simon Flinders, was a student back at the heady beginnings, who has been on the EU Grads Fund joyride ever since. He reflects…

My time in the EU as a student was a time of rich spiritual growth and I look back on it very fondly.  But my affection for the EU has only grown in the years since as I see and hear how God is using the EU and the ministry of the EU Grads Fund to grow his kingdom.  I count it a privilege to pray for the EU regularly, but with special focus in this month every year.  I would hope every EU graduate, and every lover of Jesus’ gospel would be glad to do the same.

Alongside Simon, the students of the EU and the staff team, we invite you to celebrate this gospel joyride throughout the month of October.

PRAY | daily through our Prayer Calendar and daily Facebook Group prompts

GATHER | at one of our online prayer meetings, or our grads and young workers’ event.

GIVE | to help build a firm foundation for the gospel as we seek to raise $35,000 in regular and one-off giving.

And together may this gospel joyride continue. To God be the Glory.

Liz Mansour

EU Senior Staff

Visit today to PRAY | GATHER | GIVE in support of gospel-mission through Sydney University. Access your prayer resources, register for events and find out how to Give today.

Register today for our online kick-off event “Gospel Hearted: Prayers and Stories from 30 years of the EU Grads Fund” on Thursday 7th October 2021, 8-9.15pm.

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