Joining the Flood

by Luke Graham

Finishing high school, the unspoken trajectory of my life was full time ministry. I studied social work because I thought it would compliment what I might learn at bible college. I was so keen on this idea that I attended Plunge Conference* in my second year of university, despite it being exclusively for 3rd years and above.

However, by the time I got to my final year of university, I had fallen in love with social work. I had developed a love of creatively connecting vulnerable people to the tools they needed to overcome the disadvantage and disempowerment they face. And so, I moved my full time ministry dreams to the back of my mind, and instead pursued social work. But God had other plans for me.

During my final social work placement, God placed wonderful opportunities in my path to share the gospel with my colleagues. But I bumbled over my words and found myself struggling to connect the world of the gospel to the world of my colleagues. The two ‘worlds’ seemed to be two parallel lines; destined never to meet. I felt a real and deep frustration; I desperately wanted to be able to share the gospel with them, but I didn’t have the words or the tools that I needed. I knew, in those moments, that I wanted to do something to improve my ability to share the gospel with all kinds of people.

It dawned on me that setting aside two years of my life was a worthwhile investment for a lifetime of mission and ministry, regardless of whether that’s in a pulpit or a squeaky office chair. Those moments were part of what shaped my desire to become a Howard Guinness Project Apprentice.

I don’t have a plan for life-after-traineeship, but I do know that no matter where I end up, I want to be able to share Jesus, and lead people to submit every aspect of their lives to Him. I’m excited to be a part of the flood flowing out of the EU, well equipped to serve God and His people.

*A conference run by the GradsFund to help students and graduates deepen, clarify and spur their thinking about vocational ministry. 


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