Jesus Says Go

by Celia Toose

What students learn while they are at university will set the tone for how they live out the rest of their years. In my experience, students who don’t seriously consider the Lord Jesus’ command to go during their university years, inadvertently make decisions that lock them into a lifestyle they have not proactively chosen. It can become very hard for them to obey Jesus’ command because they are too firmly anchored in a life of comfort. They may struggle to leave their friendship circle, the place they live, the prospect of a career and a ministry that may be flourishing.

For the past few years the EU has embraced a vision to send graduates out to the less reached and less resourced areas of Sydney, Australia and beyond. This goal takes Jesus’ words to go seriously and to follow him no matter what the cost.

As the students were reminded at Annual Conference, they “are the cream of the crop…already reached with the gospel, and brilliantly resourced”.  God has given the students of the EU opportunities to learn how to evangelise, disciple and train others under the experience of the staff team.

Can you imagine what a blessing generations of EU graduates could be to God’s global church? The impact EU’ers could have in places where the church is small, isolated or under pressure is enormous.

The founding father of the EU, Howard Guinness, wrote in a pamphlet he entitled “Sacrifice”, Where are the young men and women of this generation who will hold their lives cheap and be faithful even unto death? Where are those who will lose their lives for Christ’s sake flinging them away for love of him? Where are those who will live dangerously and be reckless in his service? Where are his lovers those who love him and the souls of men more than their own reputations or comfort or very life?

Please pray that the EU would have the reputation that Guinness wrote about for the years and decades to come.

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