Growing Servant-Hearted Leaders

by Sylvia Barry

When you think of characteristics you desire in a leader what words come to mind? Confident? Honest? Charismatic? Funny?

Servant hearted…?

The Evangelical Union is committed to growing Christian leaders who are servant hearted, just as the Lord Jesus came to serve not to be served (Mark 10:45). There are so many ways in which we do this. Here are a few of the ways that the EU has been growing servant hearted leaders.

One such way is being bible study leaders.  Over this past year and a half, I’ve seen student-leaders grow in their willingness to sacrifice time, money and energy to love and serve the people who they are meeting with each week in bible study. One student, Jason, appreciates how, as a small group leader, he is encouraged to serve through the head and heart, and how being able to continually reflect on his progress with that has  been growing him in his leadership.

Another opportunity the students have to serve is through training. For another student, Grace, this training has shown her what it means to be a good steward of the gifts God has given her for His glory’s sake. For Sarah, the training and opportunities she’s had in the EU has helped her grow in humility and servant-heartedness in ministries on campus and in her local church. It’s so exciting for the kingdom to see that these servant hearted leaders being raised on campus are serving in their churches too!

In a less formal capacity, Mel has found that being surrounded by others who are modelling the way to be servant hearted is so encouraging to be a part of it too. It just goes to demonstrate how important our character and behaviour is to those around us. The EU is a huge training ground for servant hearted leaders!

Please keep praying for our students and the EU, that they will keep raising up servant-hearted leaders to flood God’s church in Sydney, Australia and Beyond!

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