Graduate Profile: James Chen

by EU GradsFund

At the end of each year the Senior Staff conduct exit interviews with graduating students. I sat down with recent graduate James Chen to hear how God had grown him during his time at Sydney University, and what he was looking forward to about life post-University.

James, you’ve just graduated after five and a half years at university. How has God grown you in that time?

I began my time at University as a relatively young Christian who didn’t know how to read the Bible or clearly share the gospel with my friends. That all changed in my first year. Along with joining a local church, the EU helped me to understand the unfolding story of God’s plan of redemption and marvel at the person and work of Jesus Christ. The EU sought to see how the Lordship of Jesus impacted every facet of life and existence. It changed my worldview from starting with me to starting with Christ. I’ve been continually challenged in my faith and witness, as I’ve seen where my life and character needed to change in light of my daily walk in following Jesus. I’ve learnt how to understand the whole story of the Bible and explain the gospel to my friends.

How has the EU prepared you for life after University?

I’ve only been working for 3 months so I can’t speak very broadly. But from my perspective, I am thankful that the EU helped prepare me by always reminding me that my identity is not found in what I do but in how God sees me in Christ. Since my identity is now secure and I have a hope that can never disappoint, I am freed to make sacrifices for the sake of the kingdom. From how I choose to be generous with my money, to prayerfully planning how I can serve the less reached and less resourced with my life.

Why have you just signed up as a supporter of the EU Graduates Fund?

The Grads Fund is a model of how partnership in the gospel can occur in a University context: between both staff and students, and staff and supporters. I’m excited to be a supporter that helps to keep Godly women and men on campus who partner with students in order to see students evangelised, encouraged, and exhorted to serve God with their lives. I look forward to hearing what strategies are implemented to fulfil the Objects of the EU on campus each year, and to prayerfully entrust all aspects to God, that His will would be done.

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