GradsFund News (December)

by Rowan Kemp

From the Staff Team Leader

Leviticus, too, is God’s powerful word!

Twelve months ago it was with some trepidation that I suggested to the EU student leadership that Leviticus could be a fruitful ‘book of the year’ to feature in EU’s 2013 Public Meeting program. A year later it has been encouraging to hear from students how the series has shown them how to read the Old Testament as God’s living and active Word to us in Christ today. After the final talk one first year Arts student enthused that this had been the most helpful Bible series she’d ever heard! It’s such a privileged opportunity we have at Sydney Uni to help students read their Bibles and hear God speak so that they might grow to Biblical and theological maturity in Christ.

You can listen to EU Public Meetings online at or as an iTunes podcast (search for ‘Sydney University Evangelical Union’).

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has partnered with us in prayer and finances this year. Under God we have seen students come to faith, grow towards maturity and another generation of new graduates sent out to serve Christ throughout his world. At the time of writing our General donations (used to subsidise Senior Staff, pay for Howie training and cover the overheads for the ministry as a whole) are $47,000 behind budget. If you have not made a donation this year, please prayerfully consider whether you can help us meet this shortfall.

Financial Update

GradsFund staff are funded by both ‘General’ and ‘Personal’ donations. ‘Personal’ donations are in support of particular staff members. ‘General’ donations subsidise Senior Staff and the ministry as a whole.


‘General’ monthly target: $27,900  (Received: Sep- $22,300; Oct- $25,400)

‘General’ year-to-date target: $279,000 (Received: $232,000)

‘Personal’ monthly target: $77,000  (Received: Sep- $57,000; Oct- $63,900)

‘Personal’ donations target: $748,000  (Received: $790,000)

Yours joyfully in his service,

Rowan Kemp
EU Staff Team Leader
CEO, The EU GradsFund

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