God Provides More Workers for the Harvest

by EU Graduates Fund

Meet the new ‘Howie’ apprentices, who share what they love about serving Jesus this year

SONY DSCRosalind Breinl

I’ve just finished my Masters of Teaching (Primary) but decided this year to pursue the Howard Guinness Project. I go to church at St Aidan’s Hurstville Grove and love doing youth and music ministry there. This year I look forward to working with science students; building relationships and training students in ministry. Most of all I look forward to seeing how God moves in the EU this year, growing us in deeper maturity and love of his Son Jesus. What I love about serving the Lord Jesus is that He is sovereignly in control of all I do and all that happens. I’m also thankful that His love isn’t dependent on my performance in the things He has called me to do.

SONY DSCJames Gribble

I am married to the wonderful Lakshmi, who was a one-year Howie in 2012. We live in Leichhardt and attend St Matt’s Anglican Church in Ashbury. I have just completed a medical degree at The University of Notre Dame. This year I am really excited to be working alongside vet, economics and business students, and a little bit nervous about how different it will be from the past few years as a medical student. What I love about serving the Lord Jesus is the amazing privilege it is that God would use me to share the good news of Christ with people.


I’m engaged to Jess and we are two months away from our wedding, which is taking place in our home church at St Stephen’s Anglican, Bellevue Hill. In 2013, I finished working my third year at an educational consultancy company in Crows’ Nest. This year as a Howie I am really looking forward to working with the ACES group and thinking hard about how we can all be mission-minded on campus. Looking ahead at the year, I’m really excited about Launch Day, starting up smallgroup Bible studies, morning prayer meetings, marrying Jess, going on ACES Faculty Weekend Away, and, of course, AnCon! What I love about serving Jesus is that he shines light into the darkness of people’s lives and brings hope to the lost.

SONY DSCLachlan McFarlane

I live in Glebe and attend Hillsong Church in Alexandria, where I’ve been going since I became a Christian during high school. In 2013 I finished a philosophy degree at Sydney Uni, throughout which I was involved with the EU to varying degrees. As a Howie this year I will be involved with the Arts Plus faculty, as well as sharing Jesus with people from other faiths on campus. I’m excited for God to use me to see many people saved, and to see Christian students emboldened and impassioned in their faith, and empowered to live radical lives for Christ. What I love about serving the Lord Jesus is that you are always on the winning side of the battle.

SONY DSCBethany Utber

I grew up in Bomaderry on the South coast of NSW, in a family of six, attending Nowra Baptist Church. In 2010 I moved to Sydney where I began an arts degree, got involved with the EU, and began to attend St Barnabas Anglican Church, Broadway. I am thrilled to be the Howie who is working with the EU Pharmacy Faculty this year where I am already being challenged to think differently. While the responsibilities that lie ahead are exciting, they are also a bit daunting, but I am really enthusiastic about this work and eager to see students grounding their identity in Christ and serving Him with a willing heart. What I love about serving the Lord Jesus is that I can trust Him with my life, as I continue to learn how to submit it to Him more fully.

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