God-Given Boldness

by Steph Coy

First year trainee Steph Coy partnered with students in cold-contact evangelism during Your God mission.

I can’t think of anything more confronting in ministry than approaching a stranger and saying, ‘Hi. We’re from the EU. Would you like to talk about Jesus?’

Yet four months into university, on only the second day of the Sydney-wide Your God mission, her budding resolve just trumping her understandable nerves, first-year student Em was about to experience walk-up evangelism for the first time.

As an inexperienced first-year trainee, I completely related.

After working through some training material we prayed with 8 other students that our glorious God would outshine our fears and reveal Jesus to the students we approached waiting in line for the EU’s free barbeque and walking between classes.

And for three weeks, that’s exactly what God did.

When we trust God and seek his glory he emboldens us. For the season of mission, he gave 30 EU students and staff as evangelists to engage smart, worldly Sydney University students in conversation about God, sex, and the resurrection, and to invite them to Your God events.

We were amazed at God’s daily work. In Week 1, one student pair was even thanked for sharing Jesus. In Week 2, many had 45-minute conversations about sex with students who had never considered the goodness of God’s design for our identity and bodies. In Week 3, Em spoke words of grace to an overwhelmed friend she’d just met in class, who had received answers from a speaker to questions about death and life she’d never asked anyone before.

For Em, her training and partnership in the gospel with sisters and brothers in the EU has encouraged and enabled her to be a Christian face and voice in the public square. Join us in praying that this might be ever more so on campus, in season and out.

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