From Bosch to Battery Point

by Caitlin Munday

After a recent visit to Tasmania, I had the privilege of speaking at some length with Victor Shaw, a Howard Guinness ministry trainee (Howie) from 2007-2008. Victor is serving as rector of the historic St George’s Anglican Church in Battery Point – a church, people, place and culture for which he evidently shares a deep affection and affinity.

I asked Victor to reflect on how his training as a Howie prepared him for the challenges and opportunities of gospel work in Tasmania. It was a long list. He spoke extensively about the impact of the EU Gradsfund, its ethos and practice on his ministry; from functional skills in administration and personal management, to training in evangelism that has helped him know and connect the gospel with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

“The needs are the same everywhere. People need Jesus,” said Shaw.

Almost ten years on, the value of partnership and the pursuit of biblical maturity found a particular resonance in Victor’s work.

“Your role as a minister is to partner with the people you are serving – it’s their ministry as much as it is yours. Your job is to serve and equip them in order that God might grow the ministry through them,” he added. This was accompanied by a love of theology. “The EU in its culture and ethos appreciates and equips people to engage with theology at depth… Everything that is done, is shaped by good theology.”

How did this look in practice?

“The EU has a robust doctrine of creation that values the whole of life and affirms the goodness of work and vocation. This translates significantly into ministry. Getting that notion into your DNA helps you to release people to use the gifts God has given them, to be a blessing in whatever sphere He has placed them,” said Shaw. “We can’t see ourselves anywhere else than where God has placed us, which is here. I’ve got enough ideas to last me the next 10 years!”

Gives thanks for Victor and his family and their service to the church in Tasmania. Please pray that the EU Gradsfund, though the Howie program, might continue to flood God’s church with many more lay and vocational Christian leaders.

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