Equipped for a lifetime

by Andrew Sawyer

It is not easy leaving your family behind to study in another country, especially when you are married with a son and another child on the way.

But for some international students like Wale, that is their experience. After working for 10 years as a doctor in Nigeria, he arrives in Sydney to study health policy. He hopes to implement what he learns, into the medical system back home. A noble task it seems, he has not only devoted his time in to study, but as a Christian living on the other side of the world, he has sought to fight the good fight.

Determined to find a an evangelical student group at Sydney Uni, Wale soon finds himself in contact with the EU. In joining the EU’s international ministry, euFOCUS, he has been actively involved in welcoming and introducing international students to the person of Jesus.

EuFOCUS exists to bring the gospel to the many international students on campus and to train Christian international students for a lifetime of serving Jesus, wherever they may find themselves in the world. Students like Wale who choose to minister among international students come from a variety of backgrounds. There are local students who are convicted of the plentiful harvest field on campus, as well as international students, some of whom became followers of Christ through euFOCUS!

Praise God that He has provided us with an abundance of helpers this year, who have enabled us to reach many of the international students on campus and show Jesus’ love to them. Pray that Wale and each of our euFOCUS helpers will be equipped for a lifetime of cross-cultural ministry through their time in the ministry.


(Pictured: Wale and Andrew)


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