Digital Conversion

by Josh Lewis

Second year trainee Josh Lewis on a new approach to reading the bible with new Christians.

Over the summer three trainees were asked to create bible study material for new believers to assist in following up any who, under God, turn to Christ during Your God mission.

The result is five web-based studies called The Story of Love, exploring Christian basics such as God’s love, the church, the bible and prayer, being a witness, and love for others, while giving some practical advice on prayer and bible reading. Presenting the material as a mobile website, viewed on a smartphone or a tablet, makes it easily accessible and allowed us to incorporate links to other internet-based media.

Meeting with a student who became a Christian over the summer provided the opportunity for a test-run. It’s been beautiful to see the spark of recognition in his eyes as he gets the Christian life. The highlight has been exploring what Ephesians 4 says about Christian community. “I get it!” he said. “I see why church is important: it’s about being part of a body.” Maybe when Your God comes around he can welcome new brothers & sisters to his church—or even take them through these studies!

You can check out the mobile studies by going to this link:

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