CUMBO60 | Frequently Asked Questions

by EU Graduates Fund

  • Why has ECU become part of the EU? In 2021, The University of Sydney finalised its transition of all Allied Health students from Cumberland campus to the new, purpose-built, Health precinct at Main campus. This saw the ECU students enfolded into the EU as the local AFES group. This follows years of work and collaboration between ECU and EU.
  • What is the EU Graduates Fund? The EU Graduates Fund  (EUGF) was formed by EU students to employ and equip the staffworkers at Usyd, working in robust partnership with the students of the EU. Since 1991, EUGF has trained over 130 ministry apprentices through the two-year Howard Guinness Project (like MTS). It also employs senior, theologically trained staffworkers, who labour long-term, supporting the gospel mission.
  • What relationship does the EU Grads Fund have to the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES)? The EU is part of  AFES, and the EU Staff team are, a mix of AFES staff and AFES “associates” (recognised by AFES as staffworkers). The Sydney University Evangelical Union was the founding member of the groups that would become AFES. In 1990 the students of the EU saw the need to employ more staffworkers for campus ministry. Since AFES was not in a position to provide more staff at that time, the EU students set up the EU Graduates Fund to provide extra staff for the USyd ministry. Across Australia there are many such ‘Associate’ AFES staff working alongside AFES groups and employed by a separate entity, including at CBS (UNSW), ES (UniAdelaide), and Western Sydney Uni.
  • Where does financial support from CUMBO60 go towards? The financial support of CUMBO60 goes towards the foundational “General Fund” component of employing two senior staffworkers to serve amongst Allied Health each year over 5-10 years. In addition to this amount, these staffworkers will raise the remaining amount of their support from church and personal networks.
  • What happened to the ECU General Fund? With the transition of campus ministry from ECU to EU, the ECU General Fund was wound up in 2020. All transitions of support are made by individuals keen to continue the legacy of ECU and support the gospel mission amongst the next generation of Allied Health students.
  • What is the EU? The Sydney University Evangelical Union (EU) is the AFES group located at Sydney University main campus, planted in 1930. In 2019, it had around 900 regular members active in bible studies, talks and its Annual Conference (AnCon). To learn more about the EU head to
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