Creative Questioning

by Robert Falls

Innovative and creative ministry is at the forefront of our vision to see God’s Church flooded with Christian leaders. Innovation is the key to bringing the gospel to bear in culturally appropriate ways to the next generation. Staff are working hard to foster a culture of innovative & strategic ministry.

Take, for example, the Science World faculty. During the semester, the faculty attempted something new. They ran an evangelistic event named ‘Food For Thought’. It was simply giving away free food, in return for a thought or reflection on a particular question. They ran with the AnCon (EU’s annual conference) theme: “What are you made for?”

There were many elements of the event that were not new, and that have been around for a long time – free food, walk up, evangelism through creative questioning. But the faculty committee worked hard to think strategically and creatively in figuring out the best way to reach other science students. Not only was the event a success, with multiple new contacts made with non-Christian students, but also the process by which the event was developed, was a success.

Please pray with us as we continue to develop Christian leaders who can think innovatively and strategically.

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