Creating Space for Conversations

by Kat Cowell

First year trainee Kat Cowell reports on the EU’s recent dialogue dinners.

“If you could ask God one question what would it be?” “What is love?” These are some of the topics EU students conversed about with their non-Christian friends at recent ‘dialogue dinners,’ gatherings to which a group of friends comes with the explicit purpose of discussing spiritual things.

Dialogue Dinner

While students felt apprehensive about the dinners there have been many stories of God working through them. After one dialogue dinner a friend of Nikhil agreed to come with him to church. Bec reflected on how a discussion about ‘freedom’ allowed her friends to articulate their worldview and opened the door to further conversation. Crista described how the “dinners have … encouraged and rebuked me to think about my faith more rigorously, to ask questions, to study the Word, and to pray for the Spirit to work.”

After his dialogue dinner, Chaneg offered these words of encouragement:

While we live in a society where Christian thought seems increasingly marginalised, that doesn’t change the potency of the gospel! If we believe in the power of the gospel, if we know how it has changed our lives, we shouldn’t be afraid to share it! It’s an incredible hope that our broken world badly needs to hear.

Many students are keen to run more dialogue dinners as Your God mission approaches. Pray that God’s Spirit would continue to be at work through these dinners and through the conversations that result.

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