Christ + Architecture

by Aimee Yeo

If Jesus is Lord of all, what does that mean for my architectural practice?

Our professional fields aren’t exempt from Christ’s lordship.  For some that seems like a no-brainer (e.g. ‘helping’ professions), yet for architecture/design students it’s a perennial question as to what that looks like. Am I simply to evangelise my workplace, or is there a broader picture? The EU Grads Fund seeks to grow students in biblical and theological maturity, so how should they think and live in their area of study?

As a student, I asked how being a Christian affected my being an architect. I knew I was to work with integrity. I was challenged to put my identity in Christ, not my performance in the architecture meritocracy. I learned to trust God through suffering and uncertainty, that I need to accept my creatureliness and rest, and that more than sleep, my friends need Jesus.  However, if Jesus is Lord of all, what does that mean for my architectural practice?

Yet I needed to ask a bigger question – not “As a Christian in architecture, how do I do that to the glory of God?” but “As a Christian, how do I use my decisions about architecture for God?”

EU’s Design faculty, now three years old, has had over fifteen students in small groups this year. In comparison, one Design student, at her previous university, knew no other Christians in her course. With many EU students in many faculties, we are optimally placed to together think through the nature, needs and challenge of Christian service in different fields.

To this end, Design is having its first ever weekend away this November to particularly address this question. Please pray as I prepare to help students think through this well. Pray that God transforms lives and thinking, and that Designers may powerfully impact the architectural profession as ambassadors for Christ.

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